AP TET DSC 2021 ENGLISH (9th Class) TEST౼ 113

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AP TET DSC 2021 ENGLISH (9th Class) TEST౼ 113

1.ముందుగా ప్రశ్న క్లియర్ గా చదవండి.
2.ప్రతి ప్రశ్నకి క్రిందనే 4 options ఉంటాయీ ఏదో ఒక సరియైన సమదానము ఎన్నుకోండి .
3.ఇలా ప్రతి ప్రశ్నకి Answer చేయండి .
4.అన్ని ప్రశ్నలు Answer చేసిన తర్వాత లాస్ట్ లో “Finish” బట్టన్ నొక్కండి.
5.మీరు ఎన్ని సరైన Answers ఇచ్చారు ఎన్ని Wrong Answers ఇచ్చారు మీ Result చూపిస్తుంది.
6.ఇక్కడితో Online Exam ముగుస్తుంది


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HD Quiz powered by harmonic design

#1. Choose the correct meaning of the words underlined below. The house was "not electrified"

#2. A continuous low sound

#3. (I) She Started to go Market (ii) It rained heavily Combine the above two sentences using "Before"

#4. (I) He completed his home work (ii) He went to bed Combine the above sentences meaningfully

#5. Choose the grammatically correct sentence

#6. Would you like to have a cup of coffee ?

#7. Can I take this news paper ?

#8. Hello ! who is this speaking ?

#9. Why don't you make a ride ?

#10. Choose the correct phrase ? When your friend introduced his friend to you, he said, "How do you do?" Then what do you say ?

#11. You went for a marriage. What would you say to the newly-wed couple ?

#12. You were missing in a busy tourist place. Suddenly you found your parents What do you say !

#13. When your brother failed in the exams, how will you react ?

#14. SYNONYMS. Quench :

#15. Glamour :

#16. Passion :

#17. Persistence :

#18. The clause contains this word is called Adverbial Clause

#19. Clinton said, "I am very busy now" (Change into the Reported Speech)

#20. "What you say" is not clear to me The underlined part is

#21. Find out the wrongly spelt word

#22. If you leave the door of the cage open, the bird.... out

#23. Choose the part of the sentence that has an error. He (1)/was named (2)/after his father (3)/No error (4)

#24. I and you (1)/are (2)/the besties (3)/No error (4)

#25. She and I (1)/am (2)/very happy (3)/No error (4)


మరిన్ని ముఖ్యమైన PDFల కోసం మన టెలిగ్రాం గ్రూప్ లో జాయిన్ అవ్వండి⬇️

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